Friday, 19 April 2013

Secret Island tour in Trang: This is what people in Trang have for their breakfast.

We arrived to one of the local restaurant and was surprised to be served by this set of different kinds of Dimsum and Patongko (A separated dish on the left hand side ,made of  deep fried wheat flour, Thai accompany Patongko with coffee, hot chocolate or green custard)

Khanom Khuen - one of the famous dessert snack for Trang people.

Also some can have roasted pork for their breakfast. This is one of the place that is popular for their roasted pork recipe.

Secret Island Tour Trang : Private island in Trang

TRANG, another beach city located in the south of Thailand. To the local, Trang offers quiet beach, raw nature and not so touristic places unlike many other beach cities of Thailand. Trang has several unseen sights that are not widely known by the tourists.

Our Secret Island Tour will take you to one of the private, little known by the foreign tourists. On this Island, the whole world is in your hand. What are you waiting for?

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