Friday, 9 August 2013

HuaHin : Paa La-U Water fall

Paa La-U Waterfall is located in HuaHin district, Phrachuabkirikhan province. It is about 60 km from Huahin city. Paa La-U waterfall consists of 15 tiers of waterfalls.The first to the third tier are suitable for swimming or bathing in the water fall. However, if you wish to have some more privacy, you can climb up to the 5th or the 7th tier of the waterfall.

Paa La-U waterfall situates in the middle of the green nature, pristine forest, quiet and water stream flowing throughout the year. The best travel season is from June- March. Especially in June, you will see the flock of million butterflies flying all over you in the forest. Travelers are only allowed to go to the 7th tier of the waterfall. When you reach the 7th tier of the waterfall, you will reach the Tri-section. If you turn left, you are entering the Paa La-U forest national park which is home to the tribal village called "Karan". If you turn right, you are entering to the "Khlong Praan" waterfall. From Paa La-U, you can reach to the Thai-Mynmar border also. However, it is also possible to climb up as high as you wish but it is advisable to contact the forest officer prior arrival.

Because of its fertility and the pristine forest state, Paa La-U waterfall is also the home to many wildlife animals such as wile elephant, bull, leopard, wild deer,gibbon, macaque. Moreover, Paa La U waterfall is also home to many wild birds as well such as great hornbill.

It is also possible to stay overnight camping at Paa La-U national park. You can contact us for this arrangement.

Paa La-U forest is one of the amazing forest in HuaHin. You will never feel as close to the nature as swimming with the fishes, walking with the butterflies in your hands, sunbathing in the middle of the pristine tress...

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Secret Island Tour in Trang : Visiting fishermen village on the private island and canoeing...

On this "Private Island" , there is also the fishermen village. Apart from their tine on the sea, at home, fishermen spend their time fixing, and building the fishing equipment. You can take a walk in the evening or morning to visit them and experience the local lives. 

Or Canoeing to the village around the island, it is also possible to go to the mangrove forest next to this private island. Be sure you know how to get out of this mangrove labyrinth.

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Secret Island tour in Trang : Floating inside the low cave at Tham lay khao kob.

Inside "Tham lay kha kob" cave, there is big area of water everywhere. It is not possible to go inside this cave by walking. Therefore, boat is the only way to get inside this cave to see many beautiful stalagmites. You can see many kinds of soda straw which indicates the early stalagmites.

The highlight of this cave is to go under the "Dragon stomach" inside the cave. "Dragon stomach" is the ceiling part inside the cave which has the figure like the stomach of the dragon. Because of the extraordinary low level ceiling, everyone who enters the Dragon stomach is advisable to lie down. The cave 's ceiling can be very low for just about 1 or 2 cm. above your nose when you lie down. The rowers have to be very skillful and know the direction very well because of its darkness.

We would recommend this tour to every visitors if you visit Trang. This is one of the very exotic and exciting cave tour you will never forget!

We have to lie down on the boat in order to penetrate the Dragon stomach cave.

This is the level of the cave that we have just come out. You can see that it is very very low ceiling.

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