Friday, 9 August 2013

Secret Island tour in Trang : Floating inside the low cave at Tham lay khao kob.

Inside "Tham lay kha kob" cave, there is big area of water everywhere. It is not possible to go inside this cave by walking. Therefore, boat is the only way to get inside this cave to see many beautiful stalagmites. You can see many kinds of soda straw which indicates the early stalagmites.

The highlight of this cave is to go under the "Dragon stomach" inside the cave. "Dragon stomach" is the ceiling part inside the cave which has the figure like the stomach of the dragon. Because of the extraordinary low level ceiling, everyone who enters the Dragon stomach is advisable to lie down. The cave 's ceiling can be very low for just about 1 or 2 cm. above your nose when you lie down. The rowers have to be very skillful and know the direction very well because of its darkness.

We would recommend this tour to every visitors if you visit Trang. This is one of the very exotic and exciting cave tour you will never forget!

We have to lie down on the boat in order to penetrate the Dragon stomach cave.

This is the level of the cave that we have just come out. You can see that it is very very low ceiling.

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